Our boarding facilities are indoors and are climate controlled. Boarding is available for all size pets. We have runs for large dogs and our cozy kennels are perfect for dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes!

All dogs staying with us are taken for walks on our wooded trail. We feed according to your instructions and will administer any medications your pet may need. We offer all of our veterinary services while your pet stays with us.

To ensure peace of mind and excellent care, we ask that you complete a boarding form at time of drop-off. This form allows you to provide us with detailed instructions for care during your pet’s stay.

You may bring your pet’s normal diet. We feed Purina EN in our hospital for all life stages. However, we discourage bringing personal belongings, such as beds and toys, as we cannot be held responsible if these are lost.

As of August 2008: In an effort to create a better relationship with our clients and patients, we now require a pre-boarding exam for all pets that have never been seen at our facility prior to their boarding stay.The pre-boarding fee must be scheduled prior to your pet’s boarding stay, call us for pricing. During this visit, the doctor will get to know you and your pet and discuss any concerns you may have and make note of any conditions and special needs your pet may require during their stay. We hope that this visit will help us give your cat or dog the best possible care during their stay with us. To schedule your appointment, please call us at (703) 860-6100. Please note that this visit does not cover the cost of vaccinations if they are necessary.

Boarding Requirements and Extras:

There is a required holiday boarding deposit of $50 per pet. Please call our facility to make your deposit. Deposits are expected at the time you book boarding.

Boarding is by reservation and we suggest that you book in advance for any holidays

When booking a reservation for a holiday period, a deposit of $50 per pet is required at the time the reservation is made.

Please provide us with emergency contact information

Pets requiring medications or elderly pets needing hospice care will be charged additional fees while boarding. Proof of current vaccinations are required at drop-off, otherwise vaccines will be administered and updated at owner’s expense. We provide blankets and towels and feed our boarders Purina EN.

If our facility is full, we will provide you with three other boarding facilities in the area.

In order to ensure the safety of all our boarders, vaccines must be current according to our policy. If vaccines cannot be proven at the time of admission, they will be given at the owner’s expense. Any fleas found on your pet upon arrival will be treated as the doctor deems appropriate, also at your expense.

Canine Vaccine Protocol
Rabies–1 or 3 years
Kennel cough–yearly
Distemper- 1 or 3 years

Feline Vaccine Protocol
Rabies–1 or 3 years
Distemper vaccine–1-3 years
Feline Leukemia– Yearly

*Length of time vaccine lasts is dependent on the brand of vaccine the hospital uses.